la Maison de GRACIANI, Kitano, KobeBy Chef Susumu Sasaki

Michelin 1 Star Restaurant

From Kitano, Kobe to the World

The old and new areas and different cultures are fusing in Kitano, Kobe. In this town, where its unique culture has emerged by maintaining its tradition while also accepting new influences, Chef Susumu Sasaki, who improved his technique and expertise at top ranked restaurants in Europe for nearly 20 years, provides the world with cuisine created by his own sensibility.

His cuisine makes the best out of each individual ingredient’s flavor by harmonizing traditional French cuisine with creativity that leads to brand new tastes. Since a touch of acidity provides an excellent balance to the palate, his cuisine is refreshingly enjoyable until the end and pairs well with wine. Seasonal ingredients selected from local and distance places are elevated with the assistance of ample sensational sauces.

Please enjoy your luxurious time to indulge in one of a kind cuisine in this historical mansion.


Tuesday - Sunday: 12:00PM - 2:00PM
Tuesday - Sunday: 6:00PM - 9:00PM

*We will be closed from January 1st, 2017 to Lunch time of January 5th, 2017

If you have a food allergy or food you dislike, please let us know in advance when making your reservation. It might be difficult to accept such requests on the day of your arrival.


For reservations and more detailed information, please contact us at

Tel: +81 78 200 6031

Message from Chef Susumu Sasaki

Since I moved back to Japan after working in Europe for nearly 20 years, I realized that I had totally forgotten about how many different ingredients we have each season in Japan. Sauces based on a touch of acidity elevate seasonal ingredients. I hope you feel the flavor of each season from my dishes.

I select the best quality ingredients from not only Japan but also all over the world. I never compromise. Because I often returned ingredients that did not meet my expectations at my previous restaurant in Switzerland, I was called the “Return King”.
I would like you to savor my well balanced work that consists of complementary main ingredients, sauces and sides.

We, all the kitchen and service staff, would like to provide you with a memorable experience with original French cuisine philosophy, tradition and creation, in this historical Graciani mansion.

Our goal is to run our restaurant for over 100 years by providing outstanding cuisine and service to customers like you.


For reservations and more detailed information, please contact us at

Tel: +81 78 200 6031